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Customer Focus

EventsOnWheels’s friendly staff are here to make things easier for you. If you have difficulty with the technical jargon, our staff are down to earth and will find a way of explaining and tailoring a solution that is simple to understand and execute.

Our Sole contact system means that you have a DEDICATED POINT OF CONTACT ASSIGNED

to your project. A good customer relationship is built on trust, understanding and confidence, and that’s exactly where EventOnWheels excels.


Our Staff

We take pride in our staff and the services they offer. Our staff are the best in the business and are hand picked as


EXPERTS IN THE FIELD experts in the field. As much as you are investing in our expertise, we invest in updating and expanding our staff’s knowledge and skills. With constant training and development, EventsOnWheels's staff are up to date with the latest technologies and ways in which to make your event bigger, better and run smoother.

Our Equipment

At Events On Wheels we pride ourselves on having not only an extensive range of technology but also the best equipment. We use the latest sound and vision equipment, constantly keeping up with the most recent developments. We trust and invest in the  LEADING BRAND names such as Yamaha, Stanton, Apple, and many others, to provide you with more reliable and better end results.


Our Integrity

The vital factor in a successful business relationship is trust in a company’s integrity. EventsOnWheels builds  STRONG AND LASTING  CUSTOMER   relationships. Since2 2004 in the industry has seen EventsOnWheels grow and evolve through consistent delivery and customer satisfaction. We are open and honest with your expectations and deliver on our promises.

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