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A truly great event is more than just some fancy lighting. EventsOnWheels in-house stylists are experts in creating innovative and memorable events. Our stylist will work with you to realise your vision, making sure every element is covered while taking out the hassle of arranging the finer details.


The advantage of EventsOnWheels in-house stylists means, that they have an intimate knowledge of the technical equipment. This results in a smoother collaboration with technical services, eliminating unrealistic expectations or disjointed events.


When working with EventsOnWheels, your event won’t be a replica of hundreds of events you’ve been to before. Our stylists have fresh new ideas, and find the best way to express your business’s needs. Best of all, it’s an enjoyable process.


We provide:


  • Innovative Ideas and storyboards

  • Table settings

  • Sitting arrangements

  • Menus (Design & Printing)

  • Decoration

  • Set Design

  • Lighting design

  • Rehearsals

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